"You were in Rangoon in 1908?" continued Dr. Fu-Manchu—"you

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Theundertaker,whohadjustputuptheshuttersofhisshop,wasmakingsomeentriesinhisday-bookbythelightofamost 。

The undertaker, who had just putup the shutters of his shop, was

making some entries in his day-book by the light of a most

appropriate dismal candle, when Mr. Bumble entered.

'Aha!' said the undertaker; looking up from the book, and pausing

in the middle of a word; 'is that you, Bumble?'

'No one else, Mr. Sowerberry,' replied the beadle. 'Here! I've

brought the boy.' Oliver made a bow.

'Oh! that's the boy, is it?' said the undertaker: raising the

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