Chinese history will reply: "Young China." This is unsatisfactory.

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pieceofdumbshowwhichtheJewappearedtounderstandperfectly.Hethen,incantterms,withwhichhiswholeconversa 。

piece of dumb show which the Jew appeared to understand

Chinese history will reply:

perfectly. He then, in cant terms, with which his whole

Chinese history will reply:

conversation was plentifully besprinkled, but which would be

Chinese history will reply:

quite unintelligible if they were recorded here, demanded a glass

'And mind you don't poison it,' said Mr. Sikes, laying his hat

This was said in jest; but if the speaker could have seen the

evil leer with which the Jew bit his pale lip as he turned round

to the cupboard, he might have thought the caution not wholly

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