blaze of furious resentment. "John never told me much,

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worthwhiletoturnback;andsomarchedon,asquicklyashecould,withthebooksunderhisarm.Hewaswalkingalong,thi 。

worth while to turn back; and so marched on, as quickly as he

blaze of furious resentment.

could, with the books under his arm.

blaze of furious resentment.

He was walking along, thinking how happy and contented he ought

blaze of furious resentment.

to feel; and how much he would give for only one look at poor

little Dick, who, starved and beaten, might be weeping bitterly

at that very moment; when he was startled by a young woman

screaming out very loud. 'Oh, my dear brother!' And he had

hardly looked up, to see what the matter was, when he was stopped

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