"There were two Chinese, in European clothes—lord, how

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'Andtheymadeitaspecialverdict,Ithink,'saidtheundertaker,'byaddingsomewordstotheeffect,thatifthe'Tush muv。

'And they made it a special verdict, I think,' said the

undertaker, 'by adding some words to the effect, that if the

'Tush! Foolery!' interposed the beadle. 'If the board attended

to all the nonsense that ignorant jurymen talk, they'd have

'Very true,' said the undertaker; 'they would indeed.'

'Juries,' said Mr. Bumble, grasping his cane tightly, as was his

wont when working into a passion: 'juries is ineddicated,

'So they are,' said the undertaker.

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