"I have!" was the startling reply. "That accounts for your

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you!'saidMr.Sowerberry,lookingafterthebeadleashestrode'Yes,sir,'repliedOliver,whohadcarefullykepthim 。

you!' said Mr. Sowerberry, looking after the beadle as he strode

'Yes, sir,' replied Oliver, who had carefully kept himself out of

sight, during the interview; and who was shaking from head to

foot at the mere recollection of the sound of Mr. Bumble's voice.

He needn't haven taken the trouble to shrink from Mr. Bumble's

glance, however; for that functionary, on whom the prediction of

the gentleman in the white waistcoat had made a very strong

impression, thought that now the undertaker had got Oliver upon

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