in no way to blame," I said angrily. "We arrested you;

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whetherMr.Bumblecansparetimetostepupthere,directly,andfloghim--'causemaster'sout.''Certainly,myboy;c 。

whether Mr. Bumble can spare time to step up there, directly, and

in no way to blame,

flog him-- 'cause master's out.'

in no way to blame,

'Certainly, my boy; certainly,' said the gentleman in the white

in no way to blame,

waistcoat: smiling benignly, and patting Noah's head, which was

about three inches higher than his own. 'You're a good boy--a

very good boy. Here's a penny for you. Bumble, just step up to

Sowerberry's with your cane, and seed what's best to be done.

'No, I will not, sir,' replied the beadle. And the cocked hat

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